Saturday, July 18, 2009

Update from mel

Good Morning everyone,We had clinic again yesterday for platelets and every thing went well. His Body is showing signs of recovery from his last chemo so we have to find out what is our next step towards getting the Bone Marrow transplant @ City of Hope, so in the next week or so we should know something. Please keep Jacob in your prayers for a smooth transition to Transplant. REMISSION MUST STAY!!Thank You for praying for our little Jacob!Melisa

Monday, July 13, 2009

I took the fundraising down

I am putting all items on ebay hoping we have tons of bid's for jacob you can find all items here thanks again for all your prayers and faith , hope and love for jacob YOU ALL ROCK

Update from mel

I hope every one had a fun and safe 4th of July :O)
Jacob would have liked to go see a firework show, but we did know where to go and also I did not want him all around the crowds. Our neighborhood, well 7 neighbors were having a block party and no one expected us to be home, not even us :O) We really thought we were going to be in the hospital close to one month again, Thank You Dr. Haghighat!! Well any ways we ate visited and even tried to light some small fountains, well we got busted by the cops :O/ They told us it was a no tolerance law and it would be $1000. fine!!! BUT they were cool, they gave us a warning “this time”. THANK YOU! Our weekend has been spent at home and has been so relaxing. We go back into clinic on Monday, I already asked, if JD’s counts are real low are we going to have to go back into the hospital and he said we will have to see :O/ I added some new pic's.

Thank You for keeping our little Jacob in your prayers,

Monday, June 29, 2009

A update from mom

As for jacob I praise God everyday, when Iwake up to beautiful little toothless smile :O) He is feeling good, even tring to dance the way Micheal Jackson does.We thought we were going into the hospital last monday but that did not happen his counts were still to low, but it is a go to start his chemo's this week. Yes, same as last time minus one day, he is going to have 3 chemos, each one will be given every morn 2 hours each totaling 6 hours and this is for 4 days :O/ Please pray that he does not feel sick through this round of treatment.Thank You for keeping our little Jacob in your prayers, Melisa

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jacob & Mommy & Daddy

Jacob & Mel (his mama) :)

Fund Rasing For The Family

I am trying to get stuff set up i have many many people that have taken the time to make stuff for jacob's fund raising with special thanks to
The owner of Friends come together Mrs Joann :)
The owner of Our Creative Minds Peggy & All the Wonderful Ladys On there
I Have a paypal acct set up just for jacob the address is
my email address to add funds is

If you have any questions please email me i will be happy to answer them for you God Bless You All And Thank you so much For All Your Help Kat :)

Jacob's Prom 2009

Melisa sent this scream Yesssssssss

Listen to me SCREAM!!!!! JACOB IS IN REMISSION!! NO CANCER CELLS FOUND!! Goal: to keep him in remission till we find a bone marrow match and on to transplant. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR EVERYONE'S CONTINUED PRAYERS! THANK YOU GOD!! THE POWER OF PRAYER!!!

A little note from mom

We have clinic again on Monday morn and then we check into the hospital for our next round of chemo. We are doing the same chemo we had 5 wks ago that also kept us there for 1 month, so only time will tell. On Monday I also have another appt. with one of the Dr's for Jacobs Bone Marrow transplant, he is propably just cover things we need to know and tell me as soon as we find a donor match, our goal is to move farward. So I have a very busy Monday.

Some more info on jacob

After having three day of feverWe finally had a couple of days with no fever just the way I like it :O) My goal is to keep it that way "fever free"Yesturday (monday) I had the meeting at Sunset in LA, it was set for 10 - 10:30. I did not know what floor so I called and in doing so they told me that the Dr would not be able to meet with me "BUT I AM ALREADY HERE"!!!!! So they sent me back down, out and around the building so I could meet with the social worker and Bone Marrow cordinator, so it was not a total waste after I drove an hour to get there :O/ In two wks I drive back up there, the plan is to meet with the Dr. The Appt once again has been set, so lets hope there is not a problem. Also we should finally get Jacob in the National Bone Marrow Database, something that should have been done over 2 months ago.