Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some more info on jacob

After having three day of feverWe finally had a couple of days with no fever just the way I like it :O) My goal is to keep it that way "fever free"Yesturday (monday) I had the meeting at Sunset in LA, it was set for 10 - 10:30. I did not know what floor so I called and in doing so they told me that the Dr would not be able to meet with me "BUT I AM ALREADY HERE"!!!!! So they sent me back down, out and around the building so I could meet with the social worker and Bone Marrow cordinator, so it was not a total waste after I drove an hour to get there :O/ In two wks I drive back up there, the plan is to meet with the Dr. The Appt once again has been set, so lets hope there is not a problem. Also we should finally get Jacob in the National Bone Marrow Database, something that should have been done over 2 months ago.

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