Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Garden is in full Bloom


  1. OK.....I have to admit I was a little confused, i had the link on my page for "All About Jacob" then I though I lost it, and could not figure out what happened then Yes I finally relized.....OH the name changed :O)

  2. Yes i went back and forth back and forth i didnt want to let it sit and drift away i couldnt let it do that :( so i said i dont know nutten about blogging i will give it my best shot i am also learning to scrapbook hahahaah yah well that will be something one of the sites i belong to the owner is sending me a sit down gift for when i have surg again if i do and its a bunch of scrapbook stuff to learn :) how sweet of her i hope i can learn so i thought i would keep this blogg and add my garden stuff :0